Landscape Installation & Maintenance

Landscape Installation & Maintenance Contractor

Serving Old Bridge, Matawan, Monmouth County-NJ

Also Serving Middlesex & Ocean County-NJ

We think of landscaping as a blank canvas, waiting for you to create something beautiful out of it. At Liberty’s Pavers, Ponds & Water Features, LLC, we understand the importance of keeping your garden or lawn in good shape. We are here to take care of all your landscaping needs. We will help create and design your outdoor areas and install anything you may need, including the planting and upkeep of plants, the mowing of lawns, and maintenance of irrigation systems, to keep your lawn green and lush day in and day out!


Landscape Maintenance


Placing down fresh sod is an excellent way to get the green grass you’ve been searching for. Sodding or re-sodding your lawn can also help with erosion, as the sod will attach itself to the soil and create a firm surface. Replacing your sod at the right time could be the difference between a lawn that struggles to keep its color, and one that is lush, green, and healthy. We will come to examine your Old Bridge, Matawan, Monmouth, Middlesex & Ocean County-NJ area lawn, and make sure it is beautiful and maintained at all times.